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Uh... why is this rated as explicit?
Because the k-on! tag. It's fucking explicit. And offensive. Against humanity. I should blacklist it... xD
Yeah, we already got you hate K-on.

Let the rest of us who like (or don't mind about it) keep on talking about it.
Never watched or read K-on, but it looks so pretty.
Already? Hmm. Have I ever said it before? I tought I havent, so I did it now. Nevermind! Keep ON talking about it!

Debbie: I've tought that too. Cute girls, musical instruments... What can possibly go wrong? After I watched the first three episodes, the answer just came out of blue: Everything.
Um... Why not giving a chance to the manga?
It's very often better than the anime.
I'm sorry that you didn't like it...

Try watching Detroit Metal City instead, LOL! That one is really funny.

(Okay, I'm moving on now... If anything just PM)
I just watched DMC yesterday, hehe. I laughed out loud, and roll'd on the floor. xD

I started watching K-ON! because I expected something related to music, but it's just the generic moeblob animu. I'm just simply disappointed. The manga is almost always superior to the animu versions, so maybe you're right, I should begin the manga.
I seem to be one of the very few people that likes K-ON! just because it cheers me up on bad days. xD It's a decent anime series once you get over the moe factor, by the way. Decent music too.
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Debbie said:
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@ashkachan, I love it too, it restores the posi in my life lol. I love simple happy, i guess moeblob, things lol.
music is hard to convey via manga though - that's where the drama CD's come in - but those are inaccessible to most of us.