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Some of those faces :D
And what's that on the right in the middle...
Can we say that's an explicit avatar Chissues?
Well, if you get the reference probably.
I see.. FMA, Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, K-ON!, and Keropii.
Maybe the prince from Shugo Chara in the sock.. Unless that's Belphagor. Or something.
I see a Hachune Miku!



Wonder what the others are?
van said:
Can we say that's an explicit avatar Chissues?
heh, I hadn't even seen THAT... but then it was early in teh morning -.-
This got be the Greendam girl, the character from a Chinese anti-porn web protection system..............well, I guess.......
There's one that hung itself, Unless I have mistaken?