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Oh..new charas..looks like it will be awesome as usual, can't wait. Thanks Kalafina (´・ω・`) (i didn't even know there was more info this month orz)
apparently most of the resona forma cast are the black knights in their original bodies... then theres the if stories i guess thats where the new characters come into play
if they add more characters, they need to change the name - cause it was 11 eyes because 6 characters x 2 - 1 for the guy's messed up eye :)

Though it was a good show - I'd like to see more since it was so short.
This page said 田島賢久 (tajima_takahisa) is drawed by Chikotam, but both wikipedia and KENGOU's HP said he's by KENGOU. I think the the latter one is more reasonable, since KENGOU did other male characters as well. So I tagged as so.