ass bikini omega_2-d swimsuits underboob

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Apart from the angle of the tree on the left, I can't really see anything wrong with the background... What's bugging you about it?

Edit: Ah, could it be that the ground appears to be slanted with the edge of the pool, even though the edge of the pool appears slanted due to perspective?
Look at the artifacting on the tree to the top left.
My... eyes... I wish I hadn't looked. I'm at work right now so I generally don't look at the larger versions of images.

The entire background is like that, and the one that jumped out at me even more was over her back, under her arm. She's well-drawn though, so I wonder if anyone would be willing to do an extraction and then remove this image from here?
Drax said:
I'm at work right now
Looking at a site full of NSFW material...

I've got my back against a wall, my other screen blocks view from one side, and there's a corner to the other side. Basically, if someone tries to look at my screen, I have ample time to cover-up.

Everywhere else on the internet has gotten boring.