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bathing breast_grab escu:de fuyumee hamyama hanataka_retomo loli maid_(otome_renshin_prister) meirin_mashiro mikan_(otome_renshin_prister) mitsuki_mantarou mizunezumi naked nipples nyager onsen otome_renshin_prister ranka_shirogane rarot ringo_(otome_renshin_prister) rinky ryukkuu selphie_marian_jyulieta towel wallpaper wet

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The expressions on the two girls on the right are hilarious. I'm sure there was some intended action like the pinkhair falling over, but the result is more like:

"Uh... 'scuse me...?"

"I can't hold back my body's lesbian impulses anymore! Run! Run, before I fondle you more and offer to move in together!"
It´s more like the pink haired is envious of the brunette´s larger tits