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lump_of_sugar mizune_gin prism_rhythm seifuku sesena_yau wallpaper

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That's a unique keyboard, don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. Keyboard as a wind instrument. ^_^
eh? everyone had this and played with it at music class when I was at elementary school (*╹◡╹*)
Quite common in Japan. I also saw it in a local store recently.
Youtube link, if you're interested in it's sound.
Is this a scan of you draw it yourself? o.O
This is not the pixiv, you can't post your drawings here. It's a digital art from Sesena You, blooregardo just posted it here.
I know it's a response to an old comment but it's been bugging me for a month now...
Keyboard Harmonica or Melodica.... yeah I finally went out of the way to dig the one we have stuck in some cupboard up when I saw new comments on the post.

Pretty common here (.nl) too in elementary school music classes because they're cheap, powered by the user and virtually indestructible.
In Indonesia we call it pianica