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asf breasts nipples nurarihyon_no_mago oikawa_tsurara yuki_onna_(nurarihyon_no_mago)

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sometimes I'm not sure weather pic looks like loli or not.
If you think it is, then tag loli by yourself.
嗚嗯...有些我也不知道怎麼判定 LOLI 與否(死
I say boobies=not loli, little girls can't get breasts to be that big at a young age... unless they're one of those people with a rare disease.
On imouto loli is for flat and/or young.
yuki onna,her eyes always make me freeze >_<
นมน้อยๆ โมเอะมากๆเลยล่ะ ((อยากกดๆ)) >///<!