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littlewitch oyari_ashito wings

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There's a whole bunch of great ones in this set, but the resolution is a bit on the low side for moe. (This picture was too awesome not to post--what an awesome pose ...) This was sold as a CD--hopefully printed versions exist, too.
I love the artwork, and the resolution is high enough IMO for upload here.
Un-parenting this, since none of the other images in this set are parented. I'm not sure what the usual practice is for parenting here; should I parent posts from the same artbook or not?

I don't like parenting to old posts (like I did here), since it means the post will never show up on the post list, so if you've already done your searching for eg. oyari_ashito, you're likely to never know the post exists. (I assume you pulled it out of the comment page?)