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astraea bikini cleavage disc_cover ikaros mitsuki_sohara nymph overfiltered satsukitane_mikako sora_no_otoshimono swimsuits

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Everytime I see that girl with ribbons <3 I feel like watching this show.

Which is kinda sad, because it's the only show I'd want to watch now. Rest of the shows look meh to me.
Okay, now I remember seeing that blond Angeloid in one of the episode previews but I don't remember seeing her since. Did that episode not air or something?
She, Astraea, was not in series 1 at all, she'll be making her debut in the sequel. And yes, she was in the final preview background.
lol, chibi-ikaros winz, even though she's like... sinking lol.