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dress iizuki_tasuku see_through wedding_dress

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anime wedding dress it is really something!
but in the real life it can be a little odd..sometime...
Jurisdictia said:
but in the real life it can be a little odd..
What do you mean?
He means "sometimes" it can be a "little odd" to marry animu girls.
Check Sankakucomplex.
I mean that dresses, which we can see at this pictures and the similar images, are bizarre, немного причудливы, если по-русски. And there are a few girls, who choose something like this.But it really beautiful. In my female opinion :) Anyway, it is really strange merry animu girls:)
I still don't understand what is it so bizarre about this dress in the picture. Wait, may be you consider this dress for daily usage? It is unlikely, this dress is obviously wedding one (and there is proper tag there).

But I do agree that marring anime girl is quite... unique. Once found article, it was about such people. If I remember correctly, they marry not exactly anime girls, but pillows with anime girls drawn on them. They carry their wives to work, to pool, etc.

P.S. People should love anime character very much to marry it. It is better to be free and love many. :)
May be I too young to understand value of matrimony...
this dress is so amazing. i would totally wear this for my wedding. heck id wear this out for lunch! ^.<