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pantsu thighhighs tinkle

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Something I've noticed from time to time with crim's otherwise excellent scans (and have mentioned before) stands out here again. Compared to the parent post this one seems to have a strong blue/magenta bias to it. Her skintone doesn't appear natural as a result. I don't know what is accurate per the original scanned page though, perhaps this one is correct (Tinkle does seem to favor this color balance) but to my eyes the other version appears to have much more natural color. Just a thought, not a criticism. :)
midzki's raw scans tend to have a slightly cyan tinge. If I have a digital version to compare to, usually I end up injecting a little bit of red to balance it out.
most raws in the skipped folder are strong green/cyan, high gamma.
contrast/saturation are always weak both now and past.