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I think what the artist had in mind was that they're jiggling up and down, but they're out of sync, with the left one on the upward swing and the right on the downward swing.

Still looks weird though.
I think her body is the weirdest looking. It somehow seems odd, like it's bigger than it should be around the lower-back. Though, this is still a super-erotic image.
i think it has more to do with the angle of the body. she is bending back and they are precieved (if thats the right word) at different times. also the one one the right is kind of more on the side of her body then the other one.
Try to ignore the left leg (but take its position into account) and find the contour of the torso, and you'll notice what's wrong.
the back is unreal, otherwise, ok
Another "I uploaded this?" moment.
fireattack said:
Another "I uploaded this?" moment.
That happens to me frequently too