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ass lena no_bra nopan seifuku shirt_lift thighhighs underboob

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Very nice but isn't this kinda small?
NovaJinx said:
Very nice but isn't this kinda small?
Hmm...I guess so.
HEY! No pantsu!
Nopan right?
Well...she isn't wearing a bra either.
Bulzeeb said:
Well...she isn't wearing a bra either.
Yeah. blooregardo put the no bra tag here...but I was wondering if maybe the nopan tag should be here as well...I mean...look at her position and her bottom. ..unless she is either (if possible):

  • Wearing a "thong" or
  • Her panties is really sucked up inside her ass. Wait...is that possible?
Well...don't you think so?
Just add the tag, don't make a big deal about tags-
I was just saying bloo. If I was making a big deal on it, I apologize. Just making conversations.
(Um...I usually don't do general tags.)

Eh...I'll shut up.
I was not talking just to you, it is a general recommendation.
If you can't confirm then don't add "nopan". Maybe はいてねい? works in this case..
When in doubt leave it out.
Yeah. When it's questionable whether a girl's wearing panties or not, it's generally better to just leave the nopan tag out. However, in this case, there's almost no way that she's wearing them. She could be wearing a thong, but it's doubtful. But since, it's already marked as nopan, it seems to me that we might as well just leave it that way.