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I really like the twintails on Cirno and Youmu. ♡(´・ω・`)
Cirno looks the cutest in this with the tails > v <
There's actually a couple more images the artist has done with Cirno in twintails like that, but they're too small to post on moe.imouto, but here's the links for twintail Cirno lovers.


That second one is one of my absolute favorite Cirno pics ever. So cute and happy and adorable! (●・ω・)ノ♡
Thanks for posting them, Manabi ^ ^
It's funny seeing a tsundere Cirno thinking what happened with her hairstyle xD
The second one is really charming~
It's a pity they're too small... (And it's a pity I don't remember my pixiv id now =w=")