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areola asahi breast_hold hadashi_shoujo japanese_clothes kiryuuin_miki kiryuuin_tsubaki mukotori_juuban_shoubu! pantsu sword topless wallpaper

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a tad bit excessive don't you think

blooregardo said:
Until now I realized what your nickname means lol
what with the deformation in this picture..!?
HopelessDreamer said:
a tad bit excessive don't you think
Wallpaper sized plastic graphics with serious anatomy fail, and two flabby watermelon. Who the hell thinks this is good? And there are already 13 people who favorited this crap. Or maybe something is wrong with me...
Shanyy said:
Something is wrong with me...
I want to learn a move like that.. :3
"Watermelons"? More like the space gloop from HSotD.
WtfCakes said:
"Watermelons"? More like the space gloop from HSotD.
Yeah, even implants aren't that malleable. To me it looks like either she's severely deformed, or she got her implants via beach-ball + bicycle pump and they're about to blow. ( ̄ー ̄) Kinda like that guy in Monty Python's Meaning of Life
D: That's definitely not right. I guess men seem to think that breasts are a lot more "squishy" than they actually are.
if you don't understand the appeal of taking an erotic element to an extreme based on the fact that art does not need to be true to real life, then i don't understand the point of posting to dampen the enjoyment of the people who do understand it.

it would be different if people were asking what the appeal was rather than simply spreading negativity, i suppose.

also, "even implants aren't that malleable?" what are you talking about? implants are identifiable exactly because they aren't malleable. most implants are firm to the point that it's unnatural and look like spheres 90% of the time. perhaps implant technology has improved while i wasn't looking?