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ass corticarte_apa_lagranges dress_shirt fixed kannatsuki_noboru light_of_night pantsu shinkyoku_soukai_polyphonica string_panties thighhighs yugiri_perserte

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Why does this still have the fixme tag?
there is a very slight mark or crease along the center.
it is a nice pic however........

btw... can the post the lable as "crease" after they got stitched?
Whats with the overkill of notes?
DarkZone, if you reviewed it that closely you might as well have just edited it yourself.
Atrum-Tempestas said:
Can I remove the notes?
eeyup, and Darkzone: if there is flaws in scan fixing you can leave a comment, it is much more probable that someone sees it and wants to fix that.