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ichigo_mashimaro itou_chika kimono loli nipples nopan pantsu pussy shouji_ayumu uncensored undressing

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Beautiful, absolutely wonderful, finally a loli dakimakura, about time someone added to the art. thank you very much.

I only wish there was a larger version... any change of it blooregardo?
Taken from Pixiv, there is a larger (and material) version of it in this link for Japan.
Thank you very much blooregardo, although my japanese is way under what is necessary to read and fully understand all that webpage, i shall try to find this image in higher res and see what else i can find.
Pixiv is definitely one of my favorite styles in illustration.

Thanks a lot once again!
oop,s my bad, i mean shouji ayumu. there we go, made an idiot out of myself. sweet.