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what exatly does this make loli?
agow said:
what exatly does this make loli?
Umm Childish face and small breast?
I don't see either of those in this picture.
Laughter is not synonymous with childlike, and those don't look small to me. Maybe it's an optical illusion because it's far away, then again, this is a picture.
I would hazard the guess that it's because the girls are ~14yo in the series the art's based on. Loli's only really used to allow people to blacklist it (thus why it's only applied to explicit or suggestive rating images), so it tends to be applied quite conservatively. If there's anything to suggest the girls are underage and it's rating:e or s, then it gets tagged loli. ヾ(´・ω・`)
Sometimes tags like loli are used preventively, don't think much about it. I think they're young enough anyway.
Manabi, allow me to be a grammar nazi and say: wouldn't conservatively mean on only strict images? :3
That pose is not very lady like
michi1c said:
That pose is not very lady like
Well this picture is a photoshop of another image. In the original the girls are all wearing clothes. The girl was not showing anything at all and just happened to be bending over to catch the ball while facing away from the camera. The original image does not show anything offensive.

In this photoshopped version, her originally innocent pose was make starkly revealing when her clothes were removed and her pose made her genitals prominently displayed. Additionally, because she was bent all the way over, her buttocks were separated without the swimsuit to hold them back. Thus her anus was also exposed. Therefore, the posing is entirely a product of the photoshopping of the picture and does not reflect the original intent of the original artist. Also, based upon the personality of the character, I highly doubt something like that would ever be something she would actually do.

I am not sure it is even possible to have a lady-like pose when one is nude. Clothes go a long way to helping a person be modest.