animal_ears chibi elizabert fango fine fushigiboshi_no_futago_hime fushigiboshi_no_futago_hime_gyu kyukyu lione mirai pyupyu rein swimsuits tio

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This looks faded I know, but this is how Mirai posted it on their website. It's no longer available there (Mirai's archives seem to be gone, and this was a pre-Pixiv drawing), but I didn't modify any of the images I downloaded from Mirai's site so I know this is unmodified. Due to it being so faded I'm not 100% sure it'll meet oreno.imouto's standards, I apologize if it doesn't. <(_ _)> I was just trying to share the larger Mirai images I have that are no longer available. ヾ(´・ω・`)