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cleavage dress elf gothic_lolita lolita_fashion mistral_nereis pointy_ears sega shining_hearts shining_world thighhighs tony_taka

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клевый костюм - все готические поднаправления в одном :)
I don't know what that means, but I agree.
Google translate: "cool costume - all Gothic sub-cluster in one :)"

I don't know what gothic subcluster, but I like this.
it's not correct translation - in English it means 'style'
I mean 'gothic styles' :)
Her name is Mysty right ?
Right ( ' w ' )
Her name should be ミストラル ・ネレイス, which means Misutoraru Nereisu. She is also called "Sea Witch". Or Misty ( ' ' )