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remind me of tinkle bell's art,just lake some fancy lace
It's nowhere near the frill level of Tinkle's stuff. I adore Tinkle, but they do tend towards frill hell at times. ヾ(^∇^)

Nekotsúh said:
I would tag them as wedding_dress instead of lolita_fashion
Actually it's a combo of things. Ruri's headband is much more gothloli, her dress is too a bit. Then the girl on the right is wearing a Chinese style dress, and there's wedding dresses too. ヾ(´・ω・`)
That doesn't look like a china dress to me. It's basically a strapless dress with a collar with frills on it, you can tell by looking at her shoulders.
why are you drawing ayase still so cute? She's a f'cking freak. *suffering*
Talec said:
why are you drawing ayase still so cute? She's a f'cking freak. *suffering*
though sometimes Ayase looks mad but it's sure that she's beautiful and lovely all the time and Kyosuke is very fond of her as he telling the story in the first person so readers who like Ayase would be understand I think. yes, I like Ayase also
Kyou-chan must choose who will be his bride...

Or he will just go for a harem route.
That pixel at the bottom left could be part of Saori's dress.