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Nom, nom, nom! Just awesome!
Wtf M4 cqb with eggs is no good ^^)
wow, cqb holds over 9000!!! bullets?
9000 ???) Drum Magazine have only 180 Bullets)))
speedfire91 said:
9000 ???) Drum Magazine have only 180 Bullets)))
its most likely a c-mag (100 rounds), most modern of drum type stanag mags.
The drum magazine is shaped kind of like an Infinity symbol, thus it has infinite bullet capacity (Metal Gear Solid 3 "Sigint's Logic")
lol @ NightmareHippy
I wonder what a Hand Sonic Version 6 would look like?...Hmm?
also i wonder if there are Afterlife Resistance T-shirts, i would wear that insignia proudly