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bottomless censored go_robots loli nipples no_bra pussy pussy_juice shirt_lift

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lol tought it was a bandaid when it was thumbnail size xD
I don't think this quite counts as censored. Maybe just a weird picture.
No. I don't think that that item in front of her pussy isn't actually part of the image. That is, it's added specifically to cover her rather than being something in the image which is touching her there. A number of anime have been censored that way of late. I'm not sure that we can tell for sure that the item censoring her is supposed to be something stuck to her or something added to the image to censor her, but I definitely think that it looks like the latter (particularly since the item in question would block fingers from doing what those fingers seem to have done) - which is a definite shame given what can be seen is quite well drawn.
maybe someone could translate what's written on it?
brimston said:
maybe someone could translate what's written on it?
I think it's dried squid or something like that