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christmas cleavage golden_darkness kobayashi_chizuru lala_satalin_deviluke naked_ribbon thighhighs to_love_ru

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lol i want this one like my xmas wallpaper >.<
PD: I accept that cute gift >//<
I will take both of them, thank you
Okay what are you doing to MY beautiful Yami? D:<
Yami has to be earned.

You sure you were a good boy this year, kyoushiro? :>
No, she's been MINE since ancient times D:<

But you can have Lala if you want. Or Mikan. Or even Yui.
Well that's one present just asking to be unwrapped.
You all can share Rito but Yami and Lala belongs to me!!! >:C
Aknabael said:
You all can share Rito but Lala belongs to me!!! >:C