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ane_niku dress

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It looks like it's Sayori's, but with a nice delicate appeal. I like it very much. Hope to see more from this artist!
Whoa~ really like this I don't know his/her/their name artist!!

someone need to find it D:

the drawing of this girl is great enough!
the detail of the background just making it more than Awesome!
What's going on with her hand though?
The artist name is yayin(亚音)
Age 18,a girl
She said she researched sayori's feel for long time

Her pic is so nice,but score is too low,nobady know she!
So just give her a hand,like 10 point LOL

wow, the cloth looks amazing
Radioactive said:
What's going on with her hand though?
her right arm? wrong usage of perspective drawing I think...