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Ah YAY thx a ton for this one ^^ 1,5 and not #12 finnaly scanned ^^

/me love POP way to much.
POP is great, and I'll take anything I can get--but it's too bad a lot of it is noisy, I've never been able to clean any of them up very well. I know it's hard without starting with a higher resolution, just want to make the best of what we've got.

I guess we should have a forum thread for cleanup, since that's a pretty important topic here, and info is very scattered.
Well... that depends. Of course everyone wants the best quality they can get their hands on but sometimes the scan is just too bad for any kind of cleaning up except reconstruction.

Simply if the scanning technique was poor, the image will become not much better.
Consider this was an tiny phonecard sized card to begin with, scanning it this big will always result in noise.