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Volleyball Club
Calm, minimum girl ♪
38. Wajima Maki
Baton Club
Lost in her own world!
37. Wakaouji Ichigo
Tall girl!
36. Yada Masumi
The Light Music Club was interesting...!
35. Miyamoto Akiyo
Been in the same class as Yui since the 1st year ♪
34. Mihara Kazuko
Student Council
Yui's Childhood Friend
33. Manabe Nodoka
Wants to study abroad in China ♪
32. Matsumoto Mifuyu
Has a cute tan ♪
31. Makigami Kimiko
Light Music Club
Love sweet and
cute things 30. Hirasawa Yui
Good friends with Mifuyu ♪
29. Nojima Chika
Volleyball Club
Loves everyone even after
28. Nakanishi Toshimi
Basketball Club.
Going to have the number one liquor store in Japan!!
27. Nakajima Nobuyo
Friends with Tsukasa, Toshimi, and Masumi ♪
26. Tsuchiya Ai
Gets along great with Sawa-chan ♪
25. Chikada Haruko
Softball Club
Working Part Time at a Convenience Store!
Sits next to Yui ♪
24. Tachibana Himeko
Volleyball Club
Good friends with Akane!
Surprisingly handsome?!
23. Taki Eri
Surprisingly childish?!
22. Takahashi Fuuko
Light Music Club
I'm the president!!!
21. Tainaka Ritsu
Individualistic girl who wants to go to fashion school!
20. Sunahara Yoshimi
Girl with a cute voice ♪
19. Shimizu Kyouko
Loves manga ♪
Good friends with Shizuka!
18. Shima Chizuru
I'm looking forward to Akiyama-san's Romeo ♪
17. Shibaya Toshimi
Appeared in RomiJuli! ♪
16. Sano Keiko
Volleyball club
Aspires to be a beautician!
15. Satou Akane
Mio ♥ LOVE!
14. Sasaki Youko
An intellectual girl!
13. Sakurai Natsuka
Good friends with Fuuko!
12. Sakuma Eiko
Volleyball Club
Club activities are fun ♪
11. Saeki Mika
Light Music Club
Easy going girl.
10. Kotobuki Tsumugi
Minimum! (Probably a reference to height?)
Onion hair-♪
9. Koiso Tsukasa
Been in the same class as Yui and her friends since the first year!
8. Kimura Fumie
Minimum Girl!
Her fluffy hair makes her confusingly cute 6. Kikuchi Tae
Extremely Beautiful!
5. Okada Haruna
Burstingly curious!
4. Oota Ushio
Her strong point is the mole under her eye
3. Endou Michiko
Basketball Club
Loves to chit chat♪
2. Iida Keiko
Light Music Club
Pure bass-player ♥
1. Akiyama Mio
3-2 Classmate Introduction!

(All notes copied from Danbooru)
akiyama_mio chibi chikada_haruko endou_michiko fujii_chika gum_(vivid_garden) hirasawa_yui iida_keiko kikuchi_tae kimura_fumie kinoshita_shizuka koiso_tsukasa k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi makigami_kimiko manabe_nodoka matsumoto_mifuyu mihara_kazuko miyamoto_akiyo nakajima_nobuyo nakanishi_toshimi nojima_chika okada_haruna oota_ushio saeki_mika sakuma_eiko sakurai_natsuka sano_keiko sasaki_youko satou_akane seifuku shibaya_toshimi shima_chizuru shimizu_kyouko sunahara_yoshimi tachibana_himeko tainaka_ritsu takahashi_fuuko taki_eri tsuchiya_ai wajima_maki wakaouji_ichigo yada_masumi

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Could we get notes on the image to show who's who?
zl7713 said:
yeah, is there anybody who could translate the names??
Terance said:
yeah, is there anybody who could translate the names??
Sorry, I just copied all the names from another classroom picture but I don't know the correspondence and also there are a few names missing... Maybe someone can do it but it would be difficult as most of them don't appear in the series u.u
I copied the notes from Danbooru. Blame them if something's wrong.
хахаха.....мда.....походу я одна тут Руская :))Ну на самом деле класс!!Каваиии^^Это типо каллаж??Нам надо такой же с классом сделать!>:3