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I begin to doubt if rezi and senomoto hisashi are same person. Although "they" have different pixiv accounts, but this image and post #167913 appear in senomoto hisashi's recent doujinshi (C79) (同人誌) [みりおんばんく] 添物御膳 (よろづ) without any text like "guest illust". It's a strong evidence to show they're same person.. In addition, I have noticed their style of coloring are very similar. I dunno should we combine them though.
Their styles are similar but there are definite differences as well, so I don't know. It could just be that the same artist draws under two names and draws somewhat differently under each name. Or they could actually be separate people. Regardless, unless we're sure that they're the same person, I don't think that the tags should be joined.
Yeah..if artist intends to use two names we should follow. ..but I don't how to tag this post and post #167913 now ^^
Well, looking at them, it seems clear that they were done by rezi - compare to post# 149944 for instance. Now, if the source says that they're senomoto_hisashi... Well, that's just plain weird and confusing. I'd still go with Rezi though, since it's so clearly the same as other Rezi stuff.
I'm going to leave it with "rezi"+"million bank", that will be fine I guess.