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What the living hell is that tag?
NovaJinx said:
What the living hell is that tag?
Actually I think tagging her as itsukishishihime_no_mikoto is not correct.
Her Japanese name is 市杵宍姫命, where
市杵=itsuki, 宍=shishi, 姫命=himenomikoto (normally 姫=hime and 命=mikoto).

There is no apparent reason of separating the "no" from "姫命".
Tagging her as itsukishishihimenomikoto is actually more reasonable, otherwise maybe itsuki_shishihimenomikoto is also fine, since the character Suou has called her as Itsuki sama in the game.
yes, i also do agree "itsukishishihime no mikoto" is not reasonable. and it's only correct as "itsukishishihimenomikoto".
it's sure that "-nomikoto" is a "suffix" of names of "kami"(gods of japan), but it's not a part as the first name or mid or last cause kami's name hasn't those. just an integrated name.
suou called her "itsuki-sama" just for short (after all "itsukishishihimenomikoto-sama" would be too long to say every day), likes "haru-chan" short for "haruka" (yosuganosora), as an abbreviation, but not be separable.

for this, "unohana no sakuyahime" in right form is "unohananosakuyahime", too.

If it is wrong, then correct it, no need to make a fuss about it.
Being correct is not an intrinsic property, as much as one might wish it is. Transparency in reasoning for the purposes of making a defensible argument for your choices/actions is much more convincing when discussing something interpreted (such as this goddess's name).
Plus you might learn something new.
blooregardo said:
If it is wrong, then correct it, no need to make a fuss about it.
if not a "fuss" here i do bet there someone will modify it back quickly. then being an "edit warring"(?)...
and tags "unohana no sakuyahime" are too many to modify.
Changed. Thanks for explanation.
Not sure why I didn't bring this up half a year ago:
I wouldn't know about Itsuki, but "Unohana no Sakuya Hime" would have still worked for practicality's sake.

At least in the game her human nickname is Unohana Hime; as in characters would either call her Unohana or Hime-san.