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The Milky Way that covers the sky over our heads almost like a shroud, and the calm water that reflects that starry sky. A giant raincloud swells up almost like a raging beast, and overwhelms the area. Colors that overflow and figures that dissolve. “Zero Time” is surely the opening of a gap in the time of this world—a bizarre world.

The Cybodies cannot move freely except within the confines “Zero Time.” Takuto is working to smash the plans of the Glittering Crux Brigade, who’d like to take the Cybodies into the real world. Thanks to the fighting of Takuto and the others this “Zero Time” becomes a magnificently elegant stage that’s both tempestuous and tranquil.

Also, inside this “Zero Time” time flows differently than it does in the real world—no matter how long things go on inside, no time passes in the real world at all. Hence the name “Zero Time.”
The Alternate Dimension, Zero Time
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