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1,2: The colosseum hidden under Southern Cross Island, and the passage that leads to it. A fantastic light radiates through the deep, seemingly endless darkness.

3: The underground ferris wheel the Glittering Crux Brigade officers ride. Its figure juts out abruptly from the darkness and looks almost like a giant gear.
Members of the “Science Guild.” They wear a characteristically ridiculous, circus-clown like getup.
Sixth Company: The Science Guild

The Glittering Crux Brigade is organized into four functional groups from the second Company “Vanishing Age” to the Fifth Company “Filament,” but there’s one more company, the special action section, Sixth Company “Science Guild.” They are, as the name implies, the company that studies the Cybodies sleeping below ground. So far, they’ve carried out ability capacity and start up experiments on the ever so mysterious Cybodies. Professor Green leads the group.

The man who runs the Glittering Crux Brigade meetings and opens the underground assembly hall. He's in charge of the proceedings but his outside identity is unknown.
Shibuya Hideki / Professor Silver

One member of the Galactic Cross Guild’s Sixth Company, “Science Guild,” pursuing Cybody development research.
Okamoto Midori / Professor Green
CV: Kuwashima Houko

She works at Southern Cross High School as the always calm health teacher. But, her other identity is the leader of the Sixth Company, “Science Guild,” which is in charge of Cybody research. Since she likes impossibly beautiful boys, she has a taste for collecting photos of dashing male students.
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