brunhilde dress

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This Tinkle wannabe has some issues. :O
At least the artist posted a nice sized picture.
Her breasts, hands and body look very very weird, but the cloth and head seems fine.
apparently someone try to simulate Tinklebell's style but he didn't do a good job
later kira and now sayori (´・ω・`)
They don't even try to hide it. That guy drew exactly what Inugami Kira is used to draw, long haired maids with detailed aprons and such. The same to Sayori's dupe, drawing colorful Touhou pictures.

But I think a very horrid example of copy is Nakano Sora.
He CLEARLY copies Miwa Yoshikazu, and it seems nobody cares about it, just because he's a decent artist.
The same type of drawings again, girl with huge breasts, armor and sling bikinis. Even the shape of breasts and nipples are similar.

Compare these posts if you have any doubts.
post #41424 vs post #128248
Look how many similarities we can find...
post #20575 vs post #127982
post #150991 vs post #151740
post #100926 vs post #166202 and post #144858

To adore an artist and get inspired by him is one thing, but then to copy and paste is other...
If you go through both artists gallery, you'll see there are much more other "coincidences". I wonder if Miwa has already noticed him.
Copying other artists styles is okay, as long as they're not directly copying a picture that the artist drew. That artist was just ridiculous, really.
This illustration has its issues... But I think overall it's totally okay, given its style. And the coloring is quite nice.
Changing styles is stressful and many won't do, without strong aspiration.
look at his pics on pixiv 1 year ago and see how he improved himself. he's doing an effective way of learning. (but I think he needs more focuses on drawing more than painting. there are some misunderstandings on anatomy I can spot)
crim said:
Changing styles is stressful