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bottomless breast_grab censored cunnilingus game_cg juno_verde naked nipples odette_diz_ortlinde penis pussy sex shirt_lift skyfish soukyuu_no_soleil thighhighs tsurugi_hagane wings

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That man should be taken outa the picture..
That man should be taken outa the picture..
agree! yuri ftw!! XD
but, really- the man serves as a mere toy in this picture. He is only lying there...not really part of the picture at all (not uncommon in H-pics though :|)
Meh, this way it works for both the people who enjoy yuri and the people who dont :) Win win!
Typical women always treating us men as sex objects, just pieces of meat for your sick fantasies........ where do I sign up!
Fools that was the sense of a threesome..