Magical sword "Kokorowatari". Ultra long sword, over 2m
Try patting the top of my head!

The character for "agriculture" is used here as a sound-alike for "head" or "brain".

Both arms gets
8 years (after the reconciliation)
Different design from the "before" version
White one-piece + mule + sunshade hat
Chariragi Kogimi

"Chariragi" is a portmanteau of "Araragi" and "charin", which means bicycle. "Kogimi" is short for "kogimiru" meaning "to pedal around".

It's hot...
One day... I'll defeat the sun
27 years old
Full body complete
One tail tied on the nape.
18 years old (briefly tried) Ponytail + jersey

Shinobu only adopts this appearance for her battle with Ononoki (Tsukihi Phoenix).

Left foot get
Right foot get
8 years old
(before the reconciliation)
Helmet + goggles

Reconciliation in Karen Bee

17 years old
12 years old
(11 years old)
10 years old
bobbed hair
araragi_koyomi bakemonogatari dress hizumi oshino_shinobu pantyhose sword

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pretty sure arararararagi is 170cm?
Just like this... Stoled notes from danbooru!
忍野忍 18岁的时候其实就比 垃圾君高出半个头了。