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loli isn't needed on safe images - is there a way to mass clean it up?
bakaneko said:
loli isn't needed on safe images - is there a way to mass clean it up?
I've cleared up all the rating:s loli
There was a discussion about this a couple of months ago; people tagging loli because they looked like lolis and not because they were underaged depictions of girls sporting mature attire (or lack thereof). The conclusion was that if it looks like a loli, it gets tagged loli. But I do understand the problem this would cause for those who want to see the safe pictures, but then they don't show up on the rss feed for loli and people like me miss these images. Should there be a separate tag for safe lolis?
No. It should be reserved as a blacklist tag.
if there's no pantsu or nipples or bottomless or naked or something don't tag loli :)
This tag implies sexually explicit or suggestive (not safe for work) art works of girls who are or appear to be preadolescent. Please note it doesn't matter whether the character is canonically of age -- if they look like kids, they are loli for the purpose of tagging.

Cute, work-safe images of fully clothed girls should not be tagged as loli.

Images of young girls are rated more strictly. Posts with loli content should be rated at least questionable.