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tenshi ni fureta yo!
houkago ti-taimu

I/we have met an angel!
After School Tea Time
akiyama_mio hirasawa_yui k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi kouchou_(artist) nakano_azusa pantyhose seifuku tainaka_ritsu wings

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cute, but shouldn't she be the devil and mio the angel? ;) or is this to make up for making her into QB?
Лучше бы надели на неё *Неко ушки* ))
It's definetely related to the last song un K-on! 2, dedicated to Azunyan and which name is -as it says in the note- "Tenshi ni fureta yo!" or in english "Touched by an angel".

But nekomimi angel is a good choice :3
They probably saw Haibane Renmei.