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akino_momiji cuffs cum gayarou kiriyama_sakura loli nipples nopan pantsu pussy_juice sakura_musubi sera_karen shimapan skirt_lift thighhighs waitress

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Some thing tells me that's not cream
yeah I agree - what's the girl on the left doing? This must be one of "those" types of cafes
I still don't think it's not cum at least... imoutojiru perhaps :D
It must be a pussy juice cafe...
I think the cups have their names on them... starting from the left the cups say "karen", "mo(something)ri", and "sakura". They are written in hiragana though, and normaly names are in katakana or kanji.
karen, momiji and sakura. (see tags)
Just found the seifuku is from cafe sourire (post #212502)