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aria_vancleef bikini breast_grab kaya_xavier littlewitch oyari_ashito shoujo_mahou_gaku_little_witch_romanesque swimsuits wallpaper yuri

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Strange. I keep putting this in post/hold, and it reappears in the index after a while.
...and before anyone says, this was originally due to tags/post transfer from a 100% duplicate.
Even stranger the tag history doesn't show me changing the default tag to hold...?
I kept taking it out of post/hold because it's my post and it kept bringing up the held post notificatoin (which I assumed was because you batched it with the rest and it merged the hold from the upload to the original post).

I disabled retroactive post holding for mods, since it's not really useful and just causes glitches like this (this post was bumped in the index when it really shouldn't have been).

Also, holds aren't versioned (they don't show up in history). That wouldn't really be useful (since normally posts are only held on original posting, and can only be unheld by the original poster).
OK. The tags transfer 'feature' for 'this post already exists' is already on your bug tacking system.
If the post already exists why would you want your tags automatically transferred?
Almost all tags you entered when uploading are going to apply to an existing post, too, and it just means we don't lose information if someone hits a "post already exists" and doesn't remember to copy the tags he typed in earlier into the actual post.
It would be better if you were prompted to transfer the tags. I've managed to mis-tag images without noticing before.
Or just change the notification to say that any tags will be transferred as well.