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animal_ears areola ass bikini breasts bunny_ears calendar cream fumio kantoku kimizuka_aoi kimono miko nopan open_shirt pantsu panty_pull seifuku shinano_yura shirt_lift skirt_lift stick_poster swimsuits takumi_namuchi thighhighs undressing yuri yuuki_hagure

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Gotta love the creative censoring.
Those little horizontal bars are almost too small to cover them ^^
Sometimes you only see 99% of the image, while the rest is censored.

Gotta love their explicit way of censoring when tits are not illegal (as in can be shown on photos) or am in-correct?.

But then again when it comes to "what should be shown" for the public, I guess you'd rather wanna hide that due to that it's common sense to what it could lead too...