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anus breasts censored cum loli mieow nipples open_shirt pantsu penis pussy pussy_juice rustle sex shimapan skirt_lift

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thank you for your insightful and thought provoking comment
SweetXes said:
pedo shit
Here we go again~
Actually, I don't see any scat in those image at all... ;)
SweetXes said:
pedo shit
It's tagged loli for a reason, that's a blacklist tag. If you have such an issue with loli images then blacklist loli and stop complaining. You only have yourself to blame for seeing them.
I can't read the Japanese so I don't know if there are clues there, but I don't see any reason otherwise to call this pedo. Just because the girl is small doesn't mean much, over the years I've seen many young women who could pass for children, my wife was one. When we were in college, she got into movies on children's tickets. She had to buy her cloths in the children's department because she was that petite. Good things come in small packages. I would think "Diploma Mill" would cover graduating high school students.......... Besides, isn't "pedo" an older person with an underage?

This is a cute series, I just wish someone would translate it.
Generally speaking, we go by what the girl looks like, not what her actual age is. Sure, there are plenty of real, 3D women who are well over 18 and still look like they're under 18, but the main concern here is what the girl looks like. There are plenty of cases around here where a character is definitely under 18 but doesn't look loli at all, so she isn't one. Age isn't the question. Appearance is.

In any case, you're right that a pedophile is an older person sexually interested in children, not the child herself. So, she's not pedo. Someone interested in her might be, but she isn't. I assume that SweetXes meant that someone interested in the image was a pedo rather than saying that she is. Still, it's rather rude, and blacklisting is there for a reason.