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Reports Competition
Direct Supervision of Imperial Guard
Gaul Galette Des Rois 【Prince】
Leonmitchelli Galette Des Rois 【Princess】
Franboise Charley 【Reporter】
Galette Lion Territory
Violet 【Leo's Personal Attendant】
General Bernard 【Head Knight】
General Godwin
Galette War Squad
Rizel Conchiglie 【Head Maid】
Amelita Trompette 【Millhi's Secretary】
Millhiore F. Biscotti 【Princess】
Cinque Izumi 【Hero】
Ricotta Elmar 【Head of National Research】
Filianno Castle
People of Flonyard
These are the people Shinku will meet in the alternate world Flonyard he was summoned to. One by one he'll mingle and fight with people of all different personalities, positions, and goals as he grows.
Rebecca Anderson 【Cinque's Childhood Friend】
Yukikaze Panetonne 【Onmitsu Squad Chief】
Brioche d'Arquien 【Onmitsu Squad Chief】
Onmitsu Squad
Eclair Martinozzi 【Imperial Guard Leader】
Rolan Martinozzi 【Head Knight】
Biscotti War Squad
Biscotti Republic
amelita_tremper animal_ears armor bernard_sabrage brioche_d'arquien bunny_ears cleavage dog_days eclair_martinozzi framboise_charle gaul_galette_des_rois godwin_dorure inumimi jaune_clafoutis kitsune leonmitchelli_galette_des_rois loran_martinozzi maid megane millhiore_f_biscotti nekomimi noir_vinocacao rebecca_anderson ricotta_elmar riselle_conchiglie seifuku shinku_izumi thighhighs vert_farbreton violle_amaretto yukikaze_panettone

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How do you add/edit notes?
I am confused with all this foreign naming in Katakana but I believe these corrections would be more accurate
ベール --> Vert
Franboise --> Framboise
Biore --> Violet
パネトーネ --> Panetonne
Most confusing of all is "de Roi" or "des Rois"... probably the latter.
Thank goodness they generally just use food or color names...
To put a note you have to go to 'add translation' in the list on the left, and for editing them just click on the note~
Ah-- it was that simple?!
Thanks xP
Guess for the moment I'll edit some of em.
She's not a Princess, she's the Lord! =3