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akemi_homura chibi kaname_madoka kyubey miki_sayaka puella_magi_madoka_magica ren_(nyanyo) sakura_kyouko thighhighs tomoe_mami

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This...is the best Madoka picture ever.
Well well~...the artist that made this definitely knows the dark side of the English language.
i agree with the pic, i hate that little s@!t
How does something so cute like him get so much hatred by others?
Why does everyone hate him again?
Is it.........?
Ahahaha! Wow. Actually, I kind of agree with AZD. QB makes you introspective about your own humanity. I think he's a really well done character because he's the antithesis of cute mascot sidekick type. He's no different from any other animal fighting to survive and carry on in the world. Human emotion is something unique to us, and QB only sees it as a weakness, but ...spoiler
i have no reason to hate it, i just do, i don´t even know the anime. It`s just that it is such a hateable little thing