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wow, its from upcoming "Kikokugai -Reichin Rinrinshan-"
> Released 2011-05-27
> All-ages remake with voices, vertical text, redone graphics and scripting, etc.

All-ages Kikokugai is like Saya w/o Saya, Haruhi Suzumiya w/o Haruhi.
nice boat, Nitrominus -_-
All-ages remakes are good stuffs, at least u don't need to hide it somewhere.
Violence in Kikokugai is inner part of the novel.
For example, not like Kanon ("Yuichi Suzumoto, a scenario writer who worked on later Key titles, commented that the sex scenes in Kanon are very self-contained, and can be easily removed without altering the story." Wikipedia).
Kikokugai - violence = another novel.