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source is here:
the fixed one's colour is strange,so i fixed it
the original size is 2.6M,why post #183881 is so big...
I think post #183881 is the real source (perhaps by noteblue). Though it's too reddish, danbooru one's color is poor (someone reduced saturation and/or red tune too much).
fireattack said:
About size: post #183881 uses 16bits/channel.
the uploader is in our group,as he said,the danbooru one is the real source...
Both sources have strong jpeg artifacts though ┐('~`;)┌
I think both aren't the original.
I didn't find any jpeg artifacts... even 700% around the edge of lines. o_O
Though many other artifacts like screening.
Sorry, I mistagged. this one was filtered.
Post #183881 has blueish noises on the bright surface (brights never have screening). this type of noises usually occurred when they were compressed to jpeg before filtering.
Sorry again (´・ω・`)
After looked at carefully, it may be thin paper's texture. the scan must be resized down without any filtering.
Yeah that's what I think. :P