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censored feet loli naked nipples pussy takunama

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I'd give anything to have this pic uncensored
Eh, good for killing 10 minutes of boredom I guess, here you go:

Not sure which version should be parent so I'll leave that to someone else to decide.

And Jugger V2 now owes me 5 lolis and £1,000,000,000,000 :D
Photoshops are always child.
Hmm? Well, if you're asking whether I've ever seen loli pussy then duh, clearly not, other than what other artists have done. All I did was remove the white strip while keeping the general style of the image, what's the problem? You think you can do better, have at it.

God, first time I've posted in a year or more and already I want to leave again.
Did I said it was bad? All you did was remove the white bar, and that is what photoshops are about.
@Radio I think you did a lovely job. Kudos for the photoshop <3