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Errr.. My knowledge about Jinki Extend is weak but I do know that it's (was?..) a SFW series.

Sooo... What's going on here? It's this really official art of J:E?
It's official art I believe. The creator is apparently going to do or has done an ecchi take on Jinki. Official art has been out for a while now but not to the extent as what is depicted here (borderline H).
The image implies some violence/abuse but still not reason to rate it as explicit. You guys stop changing it.
Its tagged explicit for three good reasons that:

1. she's totally naked
2. she's leaking fluid from her nether region
3. this implies she's being roughly manhandled (very strongly implied to the point that it isn't even a question to what's in her near future), possibly leading into, or after being sexually molested. Looks like there's some BDSM there too if her hands are tied, which it looks like they are.

So explicit this is.
None of the explicit requirements are met. Rating Q.
GrrDraxin said:
2. she's leaking fluid from her nether region
That is the only reason why it could be explicit, which I saw before and considered not pussy_juice simply by the viscosity, unless he has been holding her leg up for a long time.
btw, post #186881 is even less explicit.
It's borderline Q/E. Personally I would mark it as E, but blooregardo is already on the case.