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kagiyama_hina nanashiu touhou

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Seen this at Danbooru.

They have this artist as "itsutsuki"

If the moderators here have a better name for this, this name can be deleted and be applied a different name for this artist.

Otherwise I (or whoever) can apply the Artist script for this name.

So Green light or Red light?
Okay. Pixiv link.
Aw come on Radioactive.
Can't you just give me the direct answer to what you are trying to say?
I simply pointed you toward the artists pixiv. Were you expecting more?
Well...just a name for that artist.
But now that I look at what Blooregardo wrote, I really wasn't expecting "nanashiu" to be the name. I ignore that name because it was for twitter. Some use different names for their work.

Well anyway the name and script has been applied.
You [I] got your [my] answer so shut up and be happy (right Radioactive?).