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cola_(gotouryouta) landscape

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Rebel_Head said:
wow *____*
Yeah... definitely wow...

everything is just perfect!
thou in the same time, I think the artist trying to tell us how the forest in this world is getting less and lesser as time goes
it has perfect hight but its 600px to short(width) to fit my screens
indeed 'wow' is fits it perfect...& the city lights..hmm they look like spider web
amazing... if i could change something it would be... the shooting star. just because you can see the night sky doesnt mean there has to to be a shooting star. other than that amazing well done
beautiful picture- definitely one of my favorites... but i wonder how you can still see the stars with so much light coming from the city below...
One of the most beautiful posts I've seen, by far the best landscape one. My first thought was I'd pay for this xD let me be your patron!