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breasts feet hiten makise_kurisu nipples no_bra open_shirt pantsu panty_pull pantyhose steins;gate

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she doesn't look like a loli to me. Don't know the anime tough.
who says that she is a loli?
the tag got deleted silently after I posted the comment. Now it's fine.

Remember: Flat Chest ≠ Loli
I've seen a lot of Steins;Gate doujinshi art and ecchi/hentai stuff, but this is definitely the best I've seen so far.
when I uploaded ,I just used the tags with steins;gate、makise kurisu、pantsu and pantyhose ,8 hours ago,I was sleeping,I didn't know who add loli tag and deleted.
she is absolutely not loli, at least bigger than this one, this one kinda small
It can be an subjective tag.
the show is so hard to follow
nisnegativeone said: