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amakura censored game_cg naked nipples pussy root_nuko tsukahara_maiko worlds_and_world's_end

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Zuko said:
Why censor?
Cos now in Japan sexual organs have to be censored so that one can get the artwork published. The artists or circles have to license the work in US to publish uncensored versions.
shebang said:
Cos now in Japan
Its been like that for a long time.
Oh, Got it.
I read that wikipedia article... It's very complicated to me, so It'd have to be simplified for me to understand it better. I understand that there are censorship laws in japan and that's why this is censored. But that's such a shame. Because in my opinion censoring any part of artwork like this defeats the purpose of it. It's not complete anymore... and I don't like that. Anyways, that's just my opinion about this...